Vidéki ízek, illatok

About us

It all started 30 years ago when we were a young couple, and cycling through Bozsok. It was love at first sight: the trickling stream, the shady trees in the garden of the Sibrik Castle, and the enchanting small village took our heart away.
We decided to come back.
Every visit made us more and more determined to come here and put down our roots here like the old vines on the hill,
and to create something that will make every visitor love Bozsok.
This was the reason why we chose this old water mill, already out of operation, at the end of the village. This building used to be a popular social scene of Bozsok. After many years of work and with the help of our committed helpers and the expertise of local craftsmen, the mill has been brought to new life: now it houses spacious apartments with a modern yet rural atmosphere, where you can enjoy the silence, go for walking or cycling tours, take part in the various rural programmes of the Mill Croft, or discover the neighbourhood.

Be our guest… and fall in love with Bozsok.

Zita és Béla


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“Spending couple of days in Bozsok, while staying at Mill Croft, was a lifetime-experience with my beloved ones. I recommend it with all my heart to everyone to discover this place and immerse into its natural beauty and lovely details!”
Emilia Oriold